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What is an Automotive Buyer's Agent?

A Buyer's Agent is any person that is retained or hired by a consumer for a fee to assist, represent or act on behalf of the consumer in the purchasing or leasing of a motor vehicle.

A person whose business includes the purchase of motor vehicles primarily for resale of lease ( i.e. a motor vehicle dealer) cannot be a Buyer's Agent. Any one having an ownership or financial interest in or an employment relationship with a dealership cannot be a Buyer's Agent. Licensed salespersons cannot obtain a Buyer's Agent license because they receive compensation from a dealer. Buyer's Agents are strictly prohibited from being employed or receiving any fee from a dealer.

Buyer's Agent or Auto Broker? What's the difference?

The Abbot Group represents you - the client, and ONLY YOU!

Buyer's agents are the only professionals in the auto industry who are not financially motivated to influence the consumer to overpay. We DO NOT receive compensation from dealers, brokers and/or financial institutions, so your best interests are never compromised. Because of this - having a direct Buyer's Agent relationship is why so many people and companies are doing business with Automotive Buyer's Agents.

A Broker ALSO makes his money off a commission, a percentage of gross profit. So the more money you pay, the more money he makes. REAL incentive is to get you to sign just like everyone else, BEFORE you've got your best deal. That's the only way he makes a your expense!

Eliminate the middle-man! We never take possession of vehicles.....this simple step reduces "your" cost by cutting down on fees and mark-ups that otherwise would be passed on to you, the customer.

Eliminate the conflict of interest! As a Buyer's Agent, I legally am prohibited from accepting any financial compensation from Dealers. Brokers are a financial extension of the dealer and their compensation is a function of the gross profit in each transaction. Because we have no financial relationship with any dealers, our client's financial interests are never compromised during negotiations.

What does your "full service" include?

Our Full Service program includes the following features:

  • Buying or Leasing New or Used Vehicles
  • Vehicle consult
  • Schedule test drive
  • Locate the exact car you want
  • Use our knowledge and leverage to negotiate an extremely competitive price
  • Negotiate financing
  • Negotiate a higher trade-in value
  • Oversee the contract details before you sign
  • Set up delivery of your new car
  • Personalized service every step of the way

What is your "full service" cost?

Abbott Group Elite offers a wide variety of pricing packages according to your specifications & request.
Our "full service costs" are displayed according to the various categories within our services packages.

You can find all the detailed information listed on our "SERVICES" page within our website.

Please do not hesitate to  CONTACT US  if you require additional information or we can assist you further.

Do you operate in other states?

YES! We conduct business throughout the entire United States.

Why not accept the "blue book" price?

Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds publish manufacturer's invoice prices in coordination with car makers. Those are the prices the dealers want you to see, and believe are their costs.

But the market constantly fluctuates. At any given time, there are thousands of dollars in incentives, rebates and discounts available that are never published. If you don't take advantage of them, the dealer will! This money is available to help sell the car, and it could just as easily end up in your pocket as the dealers. But it requires long term knowledge of the market to know what is available and when.

Don't fall into the Blue Book trap! It is only a snapshot, and one that is tilted in the dealer's favor. If you are negotiating for manufacturer's invoice price, you are actually aiming for the high side, and making the dealer's day. Bring along a professional who knows what it will really take to move this car off the lot, not just a book that gives out a once a year price, stacked in the dealer's favor.

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