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Did You Know?

When you walk into a Dealer's Showroom to pick out a car, you will be negotiating with FIVE professionally trained negotiators, all working on commission, all waiting for you to make costly mistakes.

Unless you are a trained professional in the Auto Sales Industry, you lack the inside knowledge to get your very best deal when you buy a car from a dealer. Imagine, the average car deal under MSRP of $15K is $2K on the front end and $1K on the back end. This is why our pricing is designed to save YOU, the consumer, money.

Abbott Group Elite brings professional, inside knowledge and superior negotiating skills to the buyer's table on your behalf. We also know where the breaking point is, when to make a deal, or when to walk away from the negotiating table.

How We Are Different!

We will travel to you (** within a 100 mile radius for an additional, nominal fee) & walk you through the entire process.
We will accompany you to the dealership(s) of your choice - now you can avoid the intimidation of dealing with aggresive salesmen. We'll take it from here!

Additionally, we provide additional discounts for Active Duty Service Members, Retired Active Duty Service Members, Deployed Active Duty Service Member & their Dependents.
Now you can always be represented & taken care of as if you are standing here yourself.

Now Is The Time To Level The Playing Field!

Our Full Service program includes the following features:

  • Buying or Leasing New or Pre-Owned Vehicles
  • Vehicle consult
  • Schedule test drive
  • Locate the exact car you want
  • Use our knowledge and leverage to negotiate an extremely competitive price
  • Negotiate financing
  • Negotiate a higher trade-in value
  • Oversee the contract details before you sign
  • Set up delivery of your new car
  • Personal service every step of the way

Our "Full Service" Flat Fee Structure  (New & Pre-Owned Vehicles)

  • For cars with MSRP under $15,000 ...........$299
  • For cars with MSRP over $15,000 .............$399
  • For cars with MSRP over $25,000 .............$499
  • For cars with MSRP over $45,000 .............$599
  • Specialty Cars or Special Requests ............$699

(** Conditions May Apply | Contact us for details.)
(MSRP, Manufacture Suggested Retail Price is the total price printed on the sticker, set by the manufacturer at time of original production.)

Think you can get a better deal on your own?

We Challenge You!

Our team guarantees better savings over your dealers offer or you pay nothing!


Simply provide us with a written quote from your dealer, including all fees, taxes and MSRP......and let us show you the savings! The deal is - our fee will be 50% of the amount that we save you.

PLEASE NOTE: Our challenge is only available if hired specifically for our "No Loss Challenge" and applies toward new car purchases only.

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